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Integrated Applications Management, Server Management, and System Management Software

Applications Manager is an enterprise-ready and affordable web applications management software which facilitates application server monitoring, database monitoring, system management, server monitoring, service management, website monitoring, and custom application monitoring.

Find out why AC Nielson, Continental Airlines, EDS, FalconJet, Hughes Network Systems, MetLife, PFizer, SDAC Harvard, and many other customers chose Applications Manager to reliably manage their applications and servers.

It is an easy-to-use software for IT Administrators and Operators managing an Internet Data Center or the IT infrastructure of an enterprise. It monitors performance and availability of the IT infrastructure and provides fault management and notification capabilities.

Applications Monitoring

Database Monitoring

System Management

  • JBoss Monitoring
  • Tomcat Monitoring
  • BEA WebLogic Monitoring
  • IBM WebSphere Monitoring
  • Oracle Management
  • MySQL Management
  • SQL Server Management
  • DB2 Management
  • Windows Monitoring
  • Linux Monitoring
  • Solaris Monitoring
  • IBM AIX Monitoring
  • HP-Unix Monitoring


Website Monitoring

Service Monitoring

  • JMX Consoles
  • SNMP Consoles
  • Custom Script Monitoring
  • URL Monitoring
  • URL Sequence Monitoring
  • URL Content Monitoring
  • Apache
  • IIS
  • PHP Monitoring
  • Mail Server Monitoring
  • Service Monitoring
  • Web Server

Application Manager Features


server monitoring

Server Monitoring

Applications Manager Server Monitoring feature helps you in monitoring business-critical servers. Server Monitoring involves monitoring of the server availability and performance, and server responsiveness. This helps you to detect and fix server problems such as server downtime and poor server response time even before users are affected. Monitor applications, servers, and services in your network to ensure that they are available all the time.

tomcat monitoring

Application Server Monitoring

Application Servers are designed to develop web services and applications. In real time, the functioning and performance of such servers get affected when the services/applications running in the server fail.Application Server monitoring includes WebLogic Monitoring, WebSphere Monitoring, Tomcat Monitoring, JBoss Monitoring.

database monitoring

Database Monitoring

Applications Manager Database Monitoring feature helps you monitor the availability and performance of databases in your network. There are many events that impact database performance in your environment. Once these events occur, as an administrator, you need to diagnose and resolve these issues quickly. It is also important to get proactive notifications before these events occur and impact the end user experience. Database Monitoring includes Oracle Monitoring, MySQL Monitoring, SQL Server Monitoring, DB2 Monitoring.

windows monitoring

System Management

Whether you have Windows, Linux, IBM AIX , HP-Unix or Solaris systems within your enterprise, dispersed with an internet service provider or distributed over a wide area, Applications Manager provides comprehensive system management. Information on system performance and availability is delivered when you want it and how you need it. Performance metrics such as CPU, Memory, and Disk Utilization are monitored.

custom application monitoring - jmx console, snmp console

JMX Consoles | SNMP Consoles

Custom Applications provide a way to monitor your Java applications or other applications that expose management information through SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and JMX (Java Management Extensions). These custom applications provide a real-time, correlated view of the entire application stack improving J2EE/J2SE application performance by monitoring its data sources such as JMX MBean source and SNMP Agents.

script monitoring

Custom Script Monitoring

Custom Script Monitoring helps to manage in-house Ad-Hoc Windows/Linux custom scripts. The output of the custom scripts are monitored and alerts would be generated accordingly. It gives periodic reports on the attributes configured.

url monitoring

Website Monitoring

If you have a business critical website, you need 24x7 monitoring. Downtime can mean lost revenue, frustrated customers and a negative impact on your business. Applications Manager provides website monitoring service that verifies uptime and performance of your websites. This includes single URL Monitoring and URL Sequence Monitoring. You can also look for a content in a URL to be monitored.

service monitoring

Service Management

A server is deployed to run services, and if those services stop working correctly, problems are encountered. When one service is down it might affect other dependent services in the network. Hence it becomes a vital task for you as a system administrator to monitor services for its performance and availability. Applications Manager provides Service Monitoring which delivers periodic checks for all key services to ensure that they are up and running.

alerts, fault management, thresholds, notification

Fault Management

When application problems such as server downtime and delayed application response time need to be detected instantly and notified to the administrator. This ensures quick corrective measures to fix the application problems. Applications Manager provides fault management system whereby problems are quickly detected and notified to the administrator through various means. Corrective actions are also enabled. Troubleshooting of application and server problems are made easy with the Root Cause Analysis feature.

performance management

Performance Management

As an IT administrator you are required to analyze trends of applications performance over a period of time. This helps you in IT planning and budgeting. Applications Manager provides performance monitoring of over 30 critical parameters such as response time, resource availability, utilization, etc. of those resources. The real-time reports and graphs enable you to analyze your application servers, databases, custom application, services, and systems for months and all this without making any additional configuration changes.

performance reports, graphs

Performance Reports

Perform trend analysis, identify bottlenecks, and plan for your IT environment requirements from the real-time graphs and comprehensive performance reports that are generated. The graphs and reports can be viewed on a custom-defined hour, daily, weekly, and monthly basis and can be generated quickly. They also provide visibility into Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) for each application/service.

applications monitor group

Monitor Group

Create a logical view of your heterogeneous IT infrastructure

Group resources, such as application server, database server, custom applications, services, and systems in your network.

This logical view is called a 'Monitor Group' and each of the resources in the network is called 'Monitors'

applications discovery

Applications Discovery

Discover each of your application servers, database servers, services, systems, custom applications, or all of them together in a business environment.

If a device is discovered, all the services running in it are also discovered. Similarly. If an application server is discovered, such as WebLogic, all associated components (EJB, Servlets, etc.) are also discovered.

applications problems - root cause analysis

Root Cause Analysis

When a problem occurs in your network, most of the time goes into troubleshooting that problem to find its cause. For example, a particular JSP would have created the problem in a WebLogic application, which might not be visible to the administrator. Applications Manager provides root cause analysis for the problems occurred in your network. This helps you to get into the details of critical alerts in your environment.

applications management - web client

Web Client

Applications Manager provides an easy-to-use Web Client which allows you to access monitored data and perform administrative operations. All tasks are web-based.

user administration

User Administration

Applications Manager permits three types of user access to work with the product. The different roles are User, Operator and Administrator. The system users have read only access to all components of the product. The system operators have read only access to those components of the product that the administrator assigns to the operator. The system administrators are allowed to perform all admin activities.


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