X.25 Athena Switch
Enterprise Communication Platform

X.25 Athena Access
Flexible Voice/Data Solution for Branch Office Access 


TCP/IP to X.25 Gateway


Athena provides solutions for greater speed, performance and flexibility in today's fast-changing, rapidly expanding enterprise network environments. Athena seamlessly delivers an innovative internetworking solution that reduces the complexities of network management and optimizes data movement throughout the network.
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Athena Access is the right fit for your small office or branch office needs. As a multi-protocol concentrator, it combines LAN, legacy data, and voice networking in a single, high density unit. Whether your business is manufacturing, finance, government, or other commercial enterprise, Athena Access delivers solutions that shrink operating costs while expanding your horizons.
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Develcon announces the release of its TCP/IP to X.25 SVC/PVC gateway software feature. The feature is available in TCP/IP server or client mode. This is a logical extension of our software product line and underlines our commitment to providing solutions for interconnection of legacy protocols and systems with IP/Internet communication.
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