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 Multiplexes LAN, legacy and voice/fax traffic streams
 Nuera Voice Compatibility
 Private Voice Networking
 ISDN BRI, E&M, FXS and FXO Voice Interfaces
 Frame Relay Access and Switching
 X.25 Access and Switching
 IP and IPX Routing
 Traffic Shaping and Advanced Bandwidth Management
 Single Port Ethernet 10BaseT or Integrated 8-port Hub
 ISDN Back-up and Bandwidth-on-demand
 STAC Data Compression
 ISDN BRI with S/T or U Interface
 56/64 Kbps CSU/DSU
 Console, Telnet and SNMP Manageable
 Annex G Support 

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X.25 Athena Access

The Flexible Voice/Data Solution for Branch Office Access

Athena Access is the right fit for your small office or branch office needs. As a multi-protocol concentrator, it combines LAN, legacy data, and voice networking in a single, high density unit. Whether your business is manufacturing, finance, government, or other commercial enterprise,Athena Access delivers solutions that shrink operating costs while expanding your horizons.

Athena Access offers integration that saves you money by saving space, eliminating multiple units, and using a single power connection. Up to 5 extraneous pieces of equipment are eliminated from your network, thanks to Athena Access' integral ISDN, CSU/DSU, 8-port Ethernet Hub, and analog voice ports. The work of external terminal adapters and termination units, data sets, Ethernet hubs, and voice multiplexers, are all handled easily by Athena Access. That not only reduces capital and installation costs, but on-going maintenance and support costs, as well.

Simply stated, Athena Access provides the best possible voice quality, because it has the best algorithms and lowest delay in the industry. With its additional highly advanced voice optimization features, Athena Access delivers toll quality voice service over low cost frame relay lines or the Internet. Now you can implement integrated voice services that rival telco offerings and reap the savings from long distance costs.

The interface selections, and software support for Athena Access, present literally dozens of variations in configurations that conform to your needs and allow you to use the most effective communications offerings available. Interfacing to frame relay, X.25, PPP, or ISDN, wide area leased line services, or locally attached devices is simple and reliable. Every one of our serial ports can be optioned with any of our modular WAN interfaces and any protocol can be assigned to any port. That level of flexibility that spells successful network solutions for you.

Example Integrated Voice and Data Network

Top Quality Voice

Athena Access delivers outstanding quality using international standards based compression algorithms such as G.728 Low Delay CELP (LD-CELP), recognized by many users as the optimum solution for lowest bandwidth, least end-to-end delay, and highest voice quality.

Voice Compression Choices

Athena Access also offers the widest selection of voice compression algorithms in the industry. Choose from:

  • E-CELP at 4.8, 7.47, and 9.6 Kbps
  • ITU G.726 ADPCM at 32 Kbps
  • ITU G.728 LD-CELP at 16 Kbps
  • ITU G.729 CS-ACELP at 8 Kbps

Voice Features

Advanced voice optimization features offer:

  • Toll-quality voice services
  • Bandwidth savings
  • Automatic voice activation
  • Silence suppression
  • Adaptive jitter buffering
  • lost packet error handling
  • integral echo cancellation

Analog Voice Interfaces

Choose the interface to connect your PBX, key system, or telephone set using E&M (2 or 4 wire), FXS, or FXO interfaces.

FAX Support

Athena Access saves even more long distance costs by providing intelligent Group III FAX detection and transmission supporting speeds from 2.4 to 9.6 Kbps.

ISDN Flexibility

ISDN presents great opportunities for very reliable communications and significant cost savings. The
Athena Access implements ISDN BRI wide area links using frame relay, X.25 or PPP protocols, that can be used for primary network links or for automatic backup links when the primary route fails.

Standards Compliant Routing

Athena Access is a full IP and IPX router supporting: ¨ Frame Relay RFC-1490 ¨ X.25 RFC-1356 ¨ PPP, sync and async ¨ RIP and RIP2, SAP

Easy Interfaces (EZIFs)

Athena Access incorporates Develcon's new EZIFs for serial interfaces that make changes easy and economical. The selection of EZIFs range from X21, V24/TIA-232, V.35, 56/64K DSU, and G.703 interfaces.

Dynamic CIR

Maximum data throughput is guaranteed by dynamically altering the bandwidth allocation when voice calls are not present. As voice calls are established and voice packets are flowing, only the required amount of the CIR is re-allocated.

Data Compression

Make the most of your bandwidth by compressing high volume LAN traffic on to the most cost-effective links using STAC data compression. Throughput is maximized while costs are minimized.

More Information

Comprehensive information describing the
Athena Access hardware and software is available. Contact your local representative or Develcon Inc. and ask for Document A21000 Athena Access Product Specification.

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