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X.25 Athena Switch

Enterprise Communication Platform

Athena provides solutions for greater speed, performance and flexibility in today's fast-changing, rapidly expanding enterprise network environments. Athena seamlessly delivers an innovative internetworking solution that reduces the complexities of network management and optimizes data movement throughout the network.

Flexibility in configuring user and network protocols and interfaces ensures optimum use of equipment investment and lowers systems cost. A wide variety of legacy protocols in addition to frame relay and IP/IPX routing in a single unit allows for maximum cost effectiveness in any network.

Scalable, modular design delivers "right-sized" solutions that deliver today's needs while being expandable for the future. Investment protection against obsolescence is ensured.

High Performance Platform

The bottom line is that Athena delivers efficient, dependable, trouble free multi-protocol communications. But the real beauty of Athena is that it goes well beyond the essentials. With its unique combination of scalable, modular hardware and integrated software, Athena gives you the freedom to change, adapt, and move with the times.

Athena's powerful flexibility is used by many corporations, large and small, as a multi-protocol concentrator, a high speed access device, and as backbone network node.

Sophisticated bandwidth management techniques and data compression allow you to optimize your network to meet your current needs quickly, easily, and at the lowest possible cost. And for total flexibility, Athena provides a completely open-ended solution - for expanding, upgrading and extending your network to accommodate virtually any future development.


For Open-Ended Network Flexibility

  • Open architecture, on large or small systems, for maximum expansion, power and growth
  • All options software selectable
  • Any serial protocol to any serial port
  • As a multi-protocol access device Athena supports a mix of LAN and legacy protocols for connections to a variety of WAN public, private, or hybrid networks and services
  • As a switch, Athena provides WAN connectivity to Frame Relay, X.25, X.75, or ISDN services - or it can be used to build a backbone infrastructure
  • As a multi-protocol concentrator, Athena aggregates different devices and protocols into a seamless backbone.

Hardware Based

For High Throughput, High Performance

  • Distributed processing architecture, which provides outstanding performance as system grows plus cost-effective system redundancy
  • Up to 64 DMA-assisted ports support a range of asynchronous and synchronous protocols V.35, TIA-232, X.21, V.11, G.703
  • Ports provide speeds up to 2.048 Mbps scaleable performance with each added processor
  • Ethernet 802.3 and Token Ring 4Mbps/16Mbps
  • Redundant power supplies and dual power source on Athena 4 and 8
  • Maximum network availability - hot swappable CPUs', power supplies, individual serial ports

Athena Models

Athena is available in four chassis sizes to meet a wide range of applications from branch office access to regional concentrator to central site focal point. Each model is field expandable and modules are exchangeable between models (except Athena 1 CPU). This flexibility provides easy servicing and lowers maintenance costs by reducing spares inventory.

  • Athena 1
    • Maximum 8 ports
    • Desktop unit
    • Integrated CPU in chassis
  • Athena 2
    • Maximum 16 ports
    • 19 " Rackmount unit
    • Supports up to 2 CPU modules
  • Athena 4
    • Maximum 32 ports
    • 19" rackmount unit
    • Supports up to 4 CPU modules
  • Athena 8
    • Maximum 64 ports
    • 19" rackmount unit
    • Supports up to 8 CPU modules


  • 120 Volts A.C.
  • 220 Volts A.C.
  • -48 Volts D.C.
  • Optional Redundancy

Interchangeable Modules

  • 4 Serial Port Static Carrier Module
  • 4 Serial Port Dynamic Carrier Module
  • I/O interfaces: RS232, RS530/RS422, X.21, V.35, 64Kbps and E1 G.703
  • Single port Ethernet LAN Router/Bridge Module
  • Single port Token Ring LAN Router/Bridge Module
  • ISDN Terminal Adapter Carrier Module with one BRI port and 2 serial ports

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