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WAN Traffic Analysis & Bandwidth Monitoring using NetFlow

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is a web-based bandwidth monitoring tool that uses Cisco
® NetFlow to help IT understand bandwidth usage in their network. Gathering NetFlow information exported from various devices, NetFlow Analyzer lets you see what applications are using bandwidth, who is using them, and for how long. With NetFlow Analyzer you can answer critical questions on bandwidth usage such as,

  • Why are users complaining of slow speeds?
  • Should I invest in more bandwidth?
  • How can I identify security threats?

And more. With NetFlow Analyzer you can identify the exact reasons for network congestion and drill down to see what caused it. This information helps to solve most of the common day-to-day problems of bandwidth management, do better capacity planning, and increase the ROI on expensive network infrastructure.


Bandwidth Monitoring with NetFlow

Bandwidth monitoring is one of the most critical activities of an enterprise network administrator. With NetFlow Analyzer you can instantly view the top talkers, top protocols used, and more details on bandwidth usage. Apart from monitoring bandwidth, these reports help in quick troubleshooting and efficient bandwidth analysis.

Bandwidth Monitoring without Probes

NetFlow Analyzer does bandwidth monitoring using NetFlow. NetFlow exports are collected, correlated, and analyzed to get granular details about bandwidth usage across each WAN link. You need not deploy any hardware probes to get these details on bandwidth usage.

bandwidth monitoring report Real-time Bandwidth Monitoring

Bandwidth monitoring reports for each interface show you current, average, and peak bandwidth usage patterns across each NetFlow-enabled interface. With these bandwidth usage statistics you can get instant visibility into how much bandwidth was used up by hosts, applications, and conversations across a specific interface.

top bandwidth users Historical Bandwidth Usage Trends

Bandwidth monitoring trends show you usage patterns and traffic trends across a day, week, month, and a year. With such statistics, you can analyze how bandwidth is used in your network, and decide if you need to increase available bandwidth.

Application-wise Bandwidth Distribution

Bandwidth usage per application gives you instant visibility into which applications are using up maximum bandwidth. You can also drill down to see the top sources and destinations using an application. With such granular detail, network troubleshooting and problem resolution take far less time than with traditional tools.

application bandwidth usage report

Consolidated Bandwidth Usage Summary

Bandwidth usage summary reports show you overall bandwidth usage statistics for a WAN link. You can view current bandwidth usage patterns, along with details on hosts, applications, and conversations using up bandwidth for the selected time period. Options to see bandwidth usage during peak working hours is also available.

overall bandwidth monitoring report

Reports for Deeper Bandwidth Usage Analysis

Bandwidth reports in NetFlow Analyzer make bandwidth analysis a simple and effective task. Pre-defined bandwidth reports show you how much bandwidth was used by each host, application, and conversation, and also let you drill down to see more details about what caused a bandwith bottleneck. Such bandwidth analysis gives instant visibility into which link is currently congested, and lets you analyze why. Usage trends over varying periods of time help you to make critical decisions in planning for more bandwidth or enforcing security policies to effectively use available bandwidth.

bandwidth users report

Top Talkers and Top Conversations

These reports show you which hosts are using up maximum bandwidth across an interface. You can also drill down to see which applications were used, and which destinations were accessed. This makes it easy to determine top bandwidth users across a WAN link.

custom bandwidth usage report

Custom Reports

These reports let you view bandwidth usage for a specific host, application, or conversation. Using this report you can correlate information to see who used up bandwidth, when was it used, for what application, and for how long.

Resolvable Host Addresses
All bandwidth reports include DNS-resolvable source and destination IP addresses to instantly view bandwidth statistics from or to a website or a host.

Variable Bandwidth Parameters
Graphs can show bandwidth usage in terms of volume of traffic (Kb), traffic rate (bps), or as a percentage of link utilization.

Exporting Reports
Bandwidth reports can be exported as PDF files and saved for future reference.


Effective NetFlow Monitoring

NetFlow monitoring is made a lot simpler with NetFlow Analyzer's enterprise management features. Netflow monitoring features include options to group NetFlow exporting devices, allow authorized access to bandwidth reports, and more. Enterprises, especially those with NOC and MSP setups will find these features very useful in managing different customers and networks.

Device Grouping

NetFlow Analyzer lets you group NetFlow exporting devices into logical groups. Users with Administrative privileges can add, modify, and delete available device groups. This makes it easy to manage a wide enterprise network with many devices exporting Cisco NetFlow. Especially in NOC or MSP setups, operators can assign different groups to different customers and allow selective access to view bandwidth reports, create other users, and so on.

Application Mapping

NetFlow Analyzer lets you map applications according to the port and protocol that was received from the Cisco NetFlow exports. Most enterprise applications such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, MSSQL, etc. are already supported. Further, you can always add custom applications or modify existing applications using a combination of the port and protocol. As a result, viewing bandwidth usage for applications specific to your enterprise is no longer a complex task.

Authorized Access

NetFlow Analyzer lets you create any number of users depending on your own access permissions. Users with administrator permissions can create other users and device groups, while users with other privileges can only view or generate bandwidth reports. This is especially useful for NOC and MSP administrators who need to provide customers with bandwidth usage reports and usage trends for their specific networks.

Web-based Remote Access

NetFlow Analyzer offers a fully web-based user interface to generate bandwidth reports and perform all administrative tasks. You can access NetFlow Analyzer from anywhere on your network with just a web browser. This makes NetFlow monitoring a very flexible and simple activity.

Flexible Licensing

NetFlow Analyzer licensing allows you to decide which NetFlow devices you want to manage at any time. License management options let you temporarily stop receiving NetFlow data from certain interfaces, delete NetFlow exporting devices and more. Such flexibility allows you to off-load the system during device maintenance periods, and use your license effectively for NetFlow monitoring.

On the overall, NetFlow Analyzer provides a host of features that make managing NetFlow devices and monitoring NetFlow data a lot less complicated.


OpManager Integration(Bandwidth monitoring + Network monitoring)

opmanager console

I already have NetFlow Analyzer. Why do I need OpManager?

OpManager is a complete network monitoring software. While NetFlow Analyzer helps you analyze traffic and track bandwidth usage, OpManager helps you monitor the health, availability, and performance of all devices on your network. Hence this powerful combination offers a total network monitoring solution for your enterprise.

NetFlow Analyzer - Supported Devices

NetFlow Analyzer leverages on NetFlow®, sFlow®, cflowd®, J-Flow®, IPFIX®, NetStream® and Cisco NBAR® information exported from routing & switching devices to provide you in depth visibility into the top talkers and applications on your network. The table below lists the set of devices from various vendors and the type of flow they export.

Vendor Supported Flows Device List
Cisco NetFlow Cisco - 800, 1700, 2600, 1800, 2800, 3800, 4500, 6500, 7200, 7300, 7500, 7600, 10000, 12000, CRS-1
3Com NetFlow 8800 Series Switches
Riverbed NetFlow Refer Riverbed website
Enterasys NetFlow Refer Enterasys website
Extreme Networks NetFlow

Alpine 3800 series, BlackDiamond 6800 series, BlackDiamond 8800 series, BlackDiamond 10808, BlackDiamond 12804C , BlackDiamond 12804R ,Summit X450 Series , Summit i series

Foundry Networks NetFlow, sFlow

BigIron series, FastIron series, IronPoint series, NetIron series, SecureIron series, ServerIron series

Juniper Networks

NetFlow, J-Flow

Refer Juniper Networks website
Huawei NetStream Refer Huawei website
H3C NetStream Refer H3C website
Nortel IPFIX 5500 & 8600 Series
AlaxalA Networks sFlow

AX7800R , AX7800S , AX7700R , AX5400S

Alcatel sFlow OmniSwitch 6850 , OmniSwitch 9000
Allied Telesis sFlow

SwitchBlade 7800R series , SwitchBlade 7800S series , SwitchBlade 5400S series

Comtec Systems sFlow

!-Rex 16Gi & 24Gi & 24Gi-Combo

Force10 Networks sFlow

E series

Hewlett-Packard sFlow ProCurve 2800 series , ProCurve 3400cl series , ProCurve 3500yl series , ProCurve 4200vl series , ProCurve 5300xl series , ProCurve 5400zl series , ProCurve 6200yl series , ProCurve 6400cl series , ProCurve 9300m series , ProCurve Routing Switch 9408sl
Hitachi sFlow GR4000 , GS4000 , GS3000
NEC sFlow IP8800/R400 series , IP8800/S400 series , IP8800/S300 series


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