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Complete Network Monitoring Software

Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business. Managing your IT infrastructure without understanding the underlying business service will result in reactive fire-fighting and costly downtimes. Understanding the link between your IT infrastructure and the business it enables is the key to delivering superior service.

ManageEngine OpManager is a complete network monitoring software that offers combined WAN, Server, Applications monitoring with integrated help desk, asset management & WAN traffic analysis functionality. OpManager automates several network monitoring tasks and removes the complexity associated with network management.

Help Desk &
Asset Management *
Detect, diagnose and resolve network performance issues before they turn into costly downtime. Improve availability and performance of your Server Infrastructure and gain in-depth visibility into Server problems. Identify and resolve application performance issues before they impact end users.   Do it like the Pros. Improve IT service delivery with an integrated helpdesk.  
> WAN Monitoring
> Switch Monitoring
> NetFlow Analysis*
> Syslog Monitoring
> Server Monitoring
> Event Log Monitoring
> Services Monitoring
> Exchange Monitor*
> URL Monitoring
> Applications Monitoring
> Help Desk*
> Knowledge Base
> Asset Management

When you choose OpManager as your network monitoring software, you are buying a powerful networking tool that can auto-discover your entire network, group your devices into intuitive maps, monitor devices in real-time, alert instantaneously on failure and provide comprehensive reports and graphs.

Features and Screen Shots

WAN Monitoring

     OpManager's WAN Monitoring functionality offers

  • Real-time visibility into the health of WAN links and routers.
  • Special map for routers, enabling operators to monitor router interfaces without having to drill-down.
  • Out of the box support to monitor over 25 critical parameters on Cisco devices including CPU, memory statistics, buffer statistics etc.
  • Proactive Monitoring of WAN Links to ensure high network availability.
  • Graphs, Reports and Alerts to quickly resolve WAN problems.
wan monitoring

Server Monitoring

     OpManager's Server Monitoring Functionality offers

  • Graphs and Reports for CPU, Memory and Disk Utilization of servers.
  • Notification and alarm escalation to ensure high availability of devices.
  • Services and Application Monitoring with Out of the Box support for Applications like MSSQL, Oracle and MS-Exchange.
  • Support to monitor all devices in your network both SNMP and Non-SNMP supporting devices.
  • Supports monitoring critical parameters like server traffic, response time etc.
server monitoring

Switch Monitoring

     OpManager's Switch Monitoring functionality offers

  • Automatic discovery of switches in your network
  • Specialized switch map that gives a quick overview of the status of the Switch and the Switch Ports.
  • Detailed Availability reports of Switch and Switch Ports.
  • Port was traffic report and able to set thresholds based on port traffic and utilization.
  • Real Time Switch Monitoring Tools like Switch Port Mapper and STP tool that give valuable information like List of devices connected to the Switch Ports , Port No, Priority , Port State, Status, Forward Transitions etc.
switch monitoring

Printer Monitoring

     OpManager's Printer Monitoring functionality

  • Automatically discovers and monitor printers in your network and places them on a special Printer map.
  • The special printer icon offers a live view of the Printer and operators can view the status / error message actually displayed on the printer without leaving their desk.
  • OpManager offers specialized printer monitoring functionality for any printer that supports the Printer MIB.
printer monitoring
Windows Event Log Monitoring
windows event log monitoring

     With OpManager's Windows Event Log Monitoring functionality

  • Secure your network from internal attacks.
  • Monitor availability of your critical applications.
  • Centrally manage Event Log through your network monitoring software itself.

URL Monitoring

     OpManager's URL Monitoring functionality offers

  • Automated notification when websites are compromised.
  • Monitoring web pages that require authentication.
  • Monitoring both external & intranet web applications.
url monitoring

Services Monitoring

    OpManager visually shows the status of the various services that you are monitoring on a device. Some of the services that OpManager provides out-of-the-box support for monitoring :

    • Web
    • HTTPS
    • FTP
    • IMAP
    • LDAP
    • SMTP
    • POP3
    • WebLogic
    • Finger
    • DNS
    • NNTP
    • Echo
    • Telnet
service monitoring

Application Monitoring

     OpManager has built-in support to monitor the following applications
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Lotus Notes
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Also, OpManager's Application Monitoring functionality is customizable and you can monitor any application that supports SNMP.

application monitoring
Windows Services Monitoring
windows services monitoring

    Other than monitoring System Services, OpManager has built-in support to monitor the following Windows Services too.

    • Alerter
    • DHCP Server
    • DNS Server
    • Disk Manager
    • Event Log
    • FTP
    • IAS
    • IIS
    • Messenger
    • MySQL
    • Net Logon
    • Print Spooler
    • RPC
    • Telephony
    • Telnet

    Also, you can add your own Windows Services to the above list that are to be monitored.

CPU, Memory & Disk Monitoring
cpu, memory and disk monitoring

    OpManager monitors CPU, Memory and Disk Space utilization for both SNMP and Non-SNMP devices.

  • OpManager presents a slick Snapshot of the device, which shows the current CPU, Memory and Disk Utilization values using real-time gauges.
  • Using customizable thresholds, operators can be notified well in advance and thereby proactively prevent outages before they occur.
  • The "Top Ten" view on the Home Page helps you quickly identify the devices that have the highest CPU, Memory and Disk Usage.

Fault monitoring

    OpManager provides fault monitoring across networks, systems and applications.

  • OpManager's Fault Management capabilities include Event-alarm correlation, color-coded alarms, SNMP trap support and Email / SMS based notifications.
  • Operators are provided with useful alarm handling functionalities like acknowledging alarms, Alarm suppression and alarm escalation rules.
  • OpManager actively monitors networks, systems and applications and quickly raises alarms when an outage occurs.
  • Using OpManager Fault Management functionality, operators can proactively identify and fix network degradation before end users are affected.
fault monitoring
Performance Monitoring
performance monitoring & reporting
    OpManager provides extensive Performance Monitoring functionality across networks, systems and applications.

    OpManager's performance monitoring functionality offers real-time performance monitoring covering utilization, availability, response times and accuracy, OpManager offers performance monitoring functionality that is comprehensive, convenient and customizable.

Networking Tools

    OpManager includes useful networking tools that help you quickly troubleshoot your network devices.

    The AdventNet MIB Browser is a handy SNMP networking tool for network managers which facilitates Performing Get, GetNext and Set functionality for standard and enterprise MIBs, Custom SNMP OID graphing etc .

    The Switch Port Mapper tool helps you to quickly find out the list of devices connected to the switch ports , their mac addresses and other critical parameters.

    OpManager also includes other important Networking Tools such as Ping, Trace Route etc.

networking tools

More Features in OpManager

Other than the above features, the latest OpManager Edition includes features like Syslog Monitoring, UPS Monitoring, Firewall Monitoring (support for Cisco PIX, Fortigate & NetScreen firewalls & etc.), Downtime Scheduler, deeper integration with ServiceDesk Plus(HelpDesk and Asset Management) & NetFlow Analyzer(Bandwidth Monitoring) and More.


If you have any questions or want to download trail version, please send an e-mail to rlee@develcon.com or contact a Develcon sales representative near you.


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