OpStor                        Multi-Vendor Storage Area Network(SAN) Management

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Heterogeneous management tool for storage area networks

OpStor is a business-centric SAN management software, offering multi-device, multi-vendor SAN management. This low cost SAN management software is easy-to-install and run on desktops and focuses on fault and performance management. The user-friendly, Web-based client interface offers anytime, anywhere management flexibility via standard Web browsers, for SAN management.

OpStor is a multi-vendor storage area networks SAN and network attached storage NAS monitoring tool for storage devices like Storage Arrays (RAIDs), Fabric Switches, Tape Libraries, Host servers and Host Bus Adapters cards from leading vendors like EMC, HP, IBM, Cisco, Brocade, DELL, McData, Quantum, ADIC, LSI, SUN, QLogic, Emulex, JNI and more.


SAN Management By OpStor (Complete list of supported devices)

san switch management

San Switch Management

storage raid management

Storage RAID Management

tape library management

Tape Library Management

  • Brocade Silkworm Series
  • McData Sphereon Series
  • EMC Connectrix Series
  • Cisco MDS Series
  • HP SAN Switches
  • IBM Total Storage Series
  • Hitachi Thunder Series
  • NetApp Primary Storage Series
  • LSI Logic D-Series
  • StorageTek D-Series
  • Accordance ARAID Series
  • IBM FastT Series
  • ADIC Scalar Series
  • StorageTek L-Series
  • Quantum ATL Series
  • Tandberg M-Series
  • Sun StorEdge L-Series
  • Overland Neo Series
  • DELL PV Series
hba management

HBA Management

host server management

Host Server Management

storage device management

More to come...

  • QLogix QLA Series
  • Emulex LP Series
  • JNI FCE Series
  • HP Tachyon Series
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • HP-UX
  • ISCSI devices
  • NAS device

OpStor Features

  • Auto discovery: During the initial startup, OpStor issues broadcast of well known OIDs on standard SNMP port and automatically discovers the storage devices in the local network. OpStor does an extensive discovery of storage networks / resources through a switch, through a HBA, and using device specific algorithms.
  • Visualization: The topological map shows the complete storage network with the devices and their interconnections. The device icons and the links are color coded to show their severity. Drill-down views show sub-maps and device details.
  • Fault management: Events are generated based on regular status polling, traps, and notifications. Alarms are generated based on events and their severity. Critical alarms are escalated to the administrators via email / SMS, for quick action.
  • Performance monitoring: OpStor continuosly monitors all the performance parameteres and reports the device availability, utilization, health, trends, etc. The reports can be stored as PDFs or printed out for reference.
  • Live graphs: SNMP based, non-intrusive, live performance data is collected from switch ports and plotted. These graps help in troubleshooting at port level.
  • Inventory: OpStor keeps an inventory of all the device properties up-to-date. User can also input some values like support information, etc. which will stored in the database for easy reference. Any trouble tickets filed against the devices is also recorded.

      Storage Infrastructure Discovery

  • Auto discovery uses In-band, Out-of-band, and vendor specific algorithms.
  • Discovers storage devices such as RAIDs, tapelibraries, tape drives, FC switches, HBAs, and host servers.
  • Supports all major storage vendors' devices.
  • End-to-end modeling of device including sub components.
  • Supports discovery at runtime through web based GUI.
  • Topological map shows devices and their interconnections.
  • Link details table shows link name, source, and destination.
  • Color-coded icons depict device and interconnection status.
  • Drill-down views - Sub-maps and device property views.
      Alarm Management
  • Captures sensor faults such as power supply, temperature, fan, battery, etc.
  • Captures Status Change Notifications.
  • Management functions such as assign owner, annotate, clear, and delete.
  • Reports alarms to administrators through email or SMS messages based on customizable rules.
  • Escalates unattended alarms to higher ups based on pre-defined rules.
      Real-Time Graphs
  • Closely monitor specific port data live, for brief period, for troubleshooting.
  • SNMP based, non-intrusive, Fibre Channel port level data collection.
  • Queries the Fibre Channel statistics and graphs each port on the switch.
  • Plots graphs with live data.
  • Auto refresh GUI to show the update.
      Business Reporting
  • Sends daily and weekly alarm reports.
  • Helps IT team analyze trends, utilization, etc.
  • At a glance reports on availability and performance trends.
  • Summary reports on alarms, vendors, trouble tickets, etc.
  • Reports to identify elements that are over or under utilized.
      Asset Management
  • Up-to-date device inventory.
  • Administrators can key in details such as device location, vendor details, and technical support info.
  • Device level problem report filing and maintenance.


hometab devicepropertiespage alarmstab alarmdetailspage
Home Tab
Device Properties Page
Alarms Tab
Alarm Details Page
alarmescalationform mapstab devicemap realtimegraphs
Alarm Escalation Form
Maps Tab
Device Neighbourhood Map
Real Time Graphs
problemticketsreport alarmsreport performancegraphs admintab
Problem Tickets Report Alarms Report Performance Graphs Admin Tab


If you have any questions or want to download trail version, please send an e-mail to rlee@develcon.com or contact a Develcon sales representative near you.


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