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ITIL-Ready Help Desk Software with Asset Management                      

ServiceDesk Plus is a complete web-based, ITIL-Ready service desk solution with integrated asset management. It offers an integrated package with Request management (Trouble Ticketing), Asset Tracking, Purchasing, Contract Management, Self-Service Portal, and Knowledge Base at an affordable price point. ServiceDesk Plus provides all that you need to have a full-fledged IT help desk and a productive help desk staff.

ServiceDesk Plus Features

help desk Help Desk

A robust and easy-to-use help desk that helps organizations automate their customer service and IT support processes to deliver consistent, reliable and superior service to both internal and external customers.

self-service portal Self-Service Portal

Reduce call volumes to your help desk with a Web-based self service portal where users can search the knowledge base, submit a request or check the status of their open requests without adding to your incoming call volume.

knowledge base Knowledge Base

Empower your technicians with easy access to answers with a web-based searchable knowledgebase and enable faster problem resolution.

service level agreement management SLA Management

Improve customer satisfaction with defining proper service level agreements, monitoring SLA compliance and escalating SLA violations.

hardware/software inventory Inventory Management

Track and manage IT assets across your entire organization and get accurate hardware and software inventory information across Windows/Linux.

software license tracking Software License Tracking

Track software usage, license violations and ensure compliance. Minimize software costs by knowing exactly what you have and what you need.

purchase order tracking Purchase Order Tracking

Track and Manage your IT purchases using the Purchase tracking feature and automatically create assets from POs.

contract management Contract Management

Track all your support/maintenance contracts and lease agreements using Service Desk Plus and get alerted when contracts are due for expiry.

product catalog Product Catalog

Create and manage a comprehensive list of all the assets and product types that your organization owns and how many you have in each type.

opmanager integration OpManager Integration

Service Desk Plus tightly integrates with OpManager, network monitoring software and can automatically create tickets whenever a network fault is detected.

More Detail Features

Help Desk

ServiceDesk Plus' Help Desk module enables end-users to submit trouble tickets via a browser or through email. It automates several key workflow tasks such as case routing, acknowledging requester/technician notifications and handling of SLA rules. As a result, your support organization can now realize higher levels of productivity, keep everyone informed, provide superior service, improve problem resolution times, share knowledge effectively and keep end-users happy.

submitting a trouble ticket through browser
Submitting a Trouble Ticket

Several Easy Ways to Create Trouble Tickets

Email to Request conversion
Automatically convert the emails sent to Help Desk into trouble tickets.
Web Enabled
With ServiceDesk Plus being a 100% web-based Help Desk solution, enable your end users to submit support requests (
trouble tickets) from anywhere, anytime using just a browser.
Network Generated Tickets
Automatically generate trouble tickets when network devices fail.


Active Directory Integration
Import Requester (User) related information from Active Directory (AD). Keep the AD & ServiceDesk Plus databases in sync. Authenticate user login through AD.
Import from .CSV Files
Import Requester & Asset details from .csv files.
User Survey
Conduct Customer Satisfaction & User Surveys. Also get User Survey related consolidated reports.

active directory integration & .csv import
Active Directory & .CSV Import
sla management report
SLA Violation Report

Complete History of Request
Complete change history of a request is maintained to facilitate audit processes. You can also lookup a history of requests from a particular workstation to identify workstations with chronic failures.
Help Desk Reports
Get complete reports on Help Desk load, technician performance and SLA violation.
Holidays / Operational Hours
You can configure yearly holidays and operational hours for your help desk. You can also create special Service Level Agreements that override these operational hours in case of emergencies.
Technician Notes
Technicians can add notes to the request to add related information like action taken.


Notify Technicians
Automatically notify technicians when a new request is assigned to them.
Automatic Escalations
Escalate requests to different support reps within your staff and notify managers when cases are not resolved within specific time limits.
SLA Management
Create User, Department, Priority or Category based SLA rules and ensure compliance.

sla management with servicedesk plus
SLA Management
knowledge base in servicedesk plus
Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base
Using the Searchable Knowledge base, both the technicians and the end users can search for solutions to common problems.
Self-Service Portal
End users can use the self service portal to submit new requests or check the status of their open requests.
My Tasks
Create follow-up tasks and never miss an appointment or forget an important call.


Keep End Users Informed
Automatic email response to Requesters on request creation and closure.
Flexible Help Desk
Add custom fields to the request form to capture information specific to your business needs
Automatic Case Routing
Automatically assign requests to support reps based on the type of request.
Workstation Info
Get complete hardware and software information about the affected device directly from the request.

complete snapshot with easy reminder board
Administrator Console

Knowledge Base

ServiceDesk Plus includes a Solutions (Knowledge Base) module that allows you to document best practices and solutions to common problems in an online knowledge base. The Knowledge Base acts as an effective knowledge sharing medium, boosting support productivity by leveraging collective knowledge and assists in effective knowledge management. It also helps in improving the average problem resolution time significantly as technicians find answers to problems quickly.

knowledge base home
Effective & Easy Knowledge Management


ServiceDesk Plus offers the following features for easy knowledge management

  • Build your own knowledge base easily.
  • Searchable knowledge base solutions indexed by specified keywords.
  • Partition a separate knowledge base for end-users (separating them from technicians) with access only to simpler problems.
  • Group solutions by topics and sub-topics to facilitate easier access.
  • Access Most Popular and Most Recent solutions quickly using preset views.


  • Duplication of effort is eliminated with a centralized solution repository.
  • Effective sharing of knowledge improves overall productivity.
  • Users get consistent answers irrespective of the technician servicing their request.
  • Faster first call resolution.
  • End users can get answers to common problems 24X7 from a web browser.
  • Reduces the load on your Helpdesk.
a knowledge base solution
A Knowledge Base Solution

Network Inventory Management

ServiceDesk Plus offers accurate network inventory tracking functionality covering both hardware and software, across Windows and Linux workstations. You can scan Windows domains or individual sub-networks and auto-discover workstations. Using an agentless architecture, ServiceDesk Plus provides complete and in-depth hardware & software inventory reports. Using scheduled audits you can track inventory changes over time.

inventory details - windows
General Details - Windows Workstation


  • Complete hardware inventory covering computer, CPU, hard-disk, peripherals, ports and NIC.
  • Lists all installed software packages.
  • Windows and Linux support.
  • Ad-hoc and scheduled inventory management audits.
  • Audit Diff Report showing New and Missing software.
  • Ability to attach assets to scanned workstations.
  • Ability to manually add missing software.


  • Automatically track all hardware and software across Windows & Linux machines (complete network inventory management system).
  • Enhance HelpDesk productivity by presenting accurate inventory information.
  • Identify unlicensed software installations.
  • Know who is running prohibited software.
  • Generate web reports that can be printed or emailed.
inventory details - linux
Hardware Details - Linux Workstation

Purchase Order Tracking

Any organisation, large or small needs to know what is being purchased, the price being paid for the purchase and the vendors from whom products are being bought. With this information in your hands, you can easily identify areas to reduce spendings, enforce policies and eliminate redundancies. ServiceDesk Plus offers you a rich set of features for handling purchase orders.

example po


  • Maintain a complete product catalog based on product type, that lists all assets owned by your organization.
  • Maintain a group of vendors for any product along with price.
  • Create Purchase orders for a vendor and automatically convert PO items into assets.
  • Auto-populate PO fields like Organization name, Billing address, shipping address, tax-rate etc.
  • Keep track of outstanding POs and completed purchases.
  • Query from a searchable database of POs
  • Analyze purchasing trends to leverage negotiations with vendors.


  • Centralized purchasing avoids duplication and makes tracking of POs easier.
  • Compare prices from different vendors before placing a purchase order.
  • Email the POs to vendors thus eliminating paperwork.

Enterprise [ITIL] Edition

The ITIL Ready Service Management Solution that comes ready for ITIL - Includes Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management and CMDB. Ready for any enterprise that has implemented or is planning to implement effective and efficient best practices. Includes all features from Standard and Professional editions.
  • ITIL Compatible
  • Comprehensive Help Desk and Asset Management
  • Ready-to-be-deployed solution, yet customizable
  • High Level of Automation
  • Integrated IT service Managment


If you have any questions or want to download trail version, please send an e-mail to rlee@develcon.com or contact a Develcon sales representative near you.


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