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We're providing Customized EMS/NMS Solutions using WebNMS Framework

Element and Network Management Systems today, need to deliver scalable, reliable and highly available management solutions with a rich set of features

Develcon helps customers achieve their business objectives in the r
apidly changing telecommunications marketplace. Our Professional Service provides system engineering, implementation and custom application development services, as well as consulting services for software architecture and model development. We have a broad array of experience that includes wireless, access and transmission domains.
Our NMS team has a proven track record of implementing and integrating AdventNet WebNMS products. We deliver solutions to our customers while reducing their development costs and time to market. We have experience defining and building carrier-grade, scalable, reliable, and manageable EMS, NMS and application integration solutions within the OSS application stack.

Our professional service includes :

  • Providing a turn-key based project
  • Consulting service
  • WebNMS framework training for rapid development
  • Enterprise Management Solutions training service
  • SNMP/JAVA agent development for your equipment 

Benefits of our WebNMS Framework

   Industry standard proven platform
   Comprehensive functionallity
   Accelerated Time-to-Market
   Flexibility and Extensive customization capabilities
   Productivity enhancement tools and applications
   Rapid integration of new devices and services
   Vendor specific configuration screens, chassis views etc.

WebNMS Framework

Network management model / framework for building custom OEM software

crn review Over 120 network equipment vendors including large incumbents like Lucent, Nortel, Motorola, Siemens, Ericsson and startups like Movaz, Turin and others have successfully implemented and deployed management applications based on AdventNet Web NMS. AdventNet Web NMS has also been selected as a management platform for building NMS solutions by Service Provders such as Chunghwa Telecom, PT Telecom, Nexagent, Equant, and Uninet. Added to the proven track of AdventNet Web NMS, it brings a cost-sensitive and feature-rich platform for developing a prudent network management solution.

AdventNet Web NMS is the industry-leading network management model / framework for building custom OEM software such as Element, Network and Systems Management (EMS / NMS) applications. Networking equipment vendors and other management solution providers can rely on AdventNet Web NMS for building OEM software for network management such as EMS and NMS.

This widely-used network management model makes it possible to deliver superior management solutions in a cost-effective, low-risk, and high-productivity model. Over 250 development teams have evaluated and selected AdventNet Web NMS as the basis for their network management and OEM software solutions (EMS / NMS).

Network and System Management OEM Software (EMS/NMS)

With AdventNet Web NMS (network management model), you can deliver a robust, carrier-grade, and highly-available network management system for a wide range of network devices, systems, and applications.

AdventNet Web NMS helps you showcase your network device capabilities using powerful management applications (OEM software). This enables service providers to more easily realize the capabilities and value of your devices. You can customize, rebrand, and package AdventNet Web NMS as a comprehensive Element Management System (EMS) application. AdventNet Web NMS supports numerous Operating Systems, Application Servers,  and databases. 

AdventNet Web NMS can interoperate with existing Operation Support Systems (OSS) and Network Management Systems (NMS) through northbound protocols, such as CORBA, SNMP, TL1, RMI, HTTP, and JMX. On the southbound, AdventNet Web NMS supports multiple protocols including SNMP, TL1, CLI, XML, and CORBA.

AdventNet Web NMS provides lightweight Mediation Server that can be distributed to provide a distributed mediation functionality. These lightweight servers have the capability of working across WAN Connections and behind firewalls. This functionality can be used to manage huge carrier grade network by load balancing the network facing functionality amongst the Mediation Servers. These lightweight servers can also be used for remote management of devices across WAN, FireWalls etc.

Simplified Development, Increased Productivity 

The professional edition of AdventNet Web NMS is bundled with developer friendly tools that make customization much simpler and more productive. AdventNet Web NMS Studio, a comprehensive IDE tool bundled with AdventNet Web NMS, offers complete life cycle support from development to deployment. For AdventNet Web NMS customization you do not require other third party tools, since AdventNet Web NMS Studio includes editors, code generators, chassis wizards, client screen builders, testing tools, and packaging tools. With AdventNet Web NMS Studio, multiple developers can work on a single project simultaneously and directly package the results as a single deployable application.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

Choosing AdventNet Web NMS saves significant time and effort that would otherwise go into building management framework functions. Most Element Management System (EMS) functions are supported out-of-the-box by AdventNet Web NMS. You can invest your time in adding value to your network management solution with features more directly appreciated  by your customers. AdventNet Web NMS helps developers focus on delivering end-user application value, instead of re-inventing the underlying infrastructure. For example Syslog Monitoring is offered as a feature pack to monitor Syslog messaging in devices. Besides feature packs, there are also a few Add-on packs like SOAP over HTTP communication that can be used in the AdventNet Web NMS Remote Management Edition (RME). Thanks to the robust, open and extensible architecture of AdventNet Web NMS, you get all the benefits of a proven framework without limitations on where you can take it. AdventNet Web NMS reduces the risk of Element Management System (EMS) development and offers complete control throughout the development cycle. It also reduces the time-to-deployment and the cost of development with its comprehensive Element Management System (EMS) functionalities, proven integrations with multiple databases and web servers, and with its productivity enhancement tools.


WebNMS Features and Benefits

AdventNet Web NMS is a comprehensive network management platform that offers purpose-built applications and tools designed to simplify the management of networking devices and resources.

AdventNet Web NMS enables network monitoring, configuration and troubleshooting of each device or resource and manage an entire network from a single platform. AdventNet Web NMS has a true N+ architecture that allows multiple users to access its services simultaneously.
It delivers network level management while providing access to various element managers.

Its functionalities include:

  • Unified management: It provides a common graphical interface and network management infrastructure for performing management functions, integrating applications, and unifying element management across multiple devices.
  • Network-wide visibility: It enables extensive view and in-depth reporting of network activity across the network with functions such as discovery, physical and logical topology maps, centralized event management, graphs, and statistical information. This is also supported in distributed networks.
  • Element management: It provides direct access to each device through its native element manager and allows all networking devices to be configured from a centralized location. It also supports policy-based management across multiple device types.
  • Remote management: It enables the management of large and distributed networks. Distributed Mediation Servers can be deployed to capture network statistics locally. These intelligent servers pass on correlated network information to the central server.
  • Scalable architecture: It provides single-user and multi-user versions and an extensible architecture with applications that allow the network management environment to be tailored to the user’s network and budget needs. It supports management of very large networks with capability to distribute network facing functionalities across servers.


Screen Shots


      Fault Management

  • Event/trap processing - filtering, suppression, propagation ; with intelligent correlation
  • Alarm drill down categorized by severity, managed resource type, time of day etc.
  • Problem resolution work flow management – categorize alarms as open, closed and acknowledged


      Configuration Management

  • N-tier architecture with server support for storing, scheduling, auditing etc.
  • Supports parameterized XML tasks for easy management of configuration functions
  • Supports rollback capability for recovery from failures



  • Auto-discovery and topology update
  • Rich information model to capture attributes of heterogeneous networks with deep discovery
  • Topology summary and hierarchical represen-tation of managed resources
  • Intelligent grouping for simplified configuration management


      Performance Management

  • Analyze, filter and aggregate network performance data
  • Customize aggregation policies
  • Multi-level thresholding and hysteresis
  • Intuitive and graphical performance management reports



  • Fine grained and extensible authorization including support for users, groups, roles, operations and object views
  • Secure authentication and access control including SSL and secure RMI server access control J2EE security model support


      Inventory Management

  • Complete infobase of components and devices across the network
  • Can also be integrated with any third party inventory management system


If you have any questions or want to download trail version, please send an e-mail to rlee@develcon.com or contact a Develcon sales representative near you.


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