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Why Outsource?

For small and medium size businesses outsourcing of technical IT needs is highly desirable in the competitive business world today.

• Only having revenue generating staff dedicated to the bottom line of your business maximizes profitability, other staffing needs should be minimal in supporting this objective.

• Getting the most out of communication and Information technology available today is also essential to effectively compete in any industry.

Having access to a focussed, experienced group of IT professionals to provide such services and solutions on an as needed basis, is the best way to reach the above objectives.

Why Choose Develcon?

    Superior Technical Expertise.

    Develcon. Inc, with its many years of experience in hardware and software design of data communication equipment, has proven its technical expertise in outsourced projects to re-design specialized equipment which is no longer manufactured and seamlessly integrate into a 365/24/7 critical metropolitan public transport network.


    Whether at the customer’s premises or not, Develcon’s engineers and technicians understand not only the client’s technology and direction but also the value of communication and confidentiality.

    Your Research & Development Team.

    While wired or wireless network design and implementation is our forte, we do much more than that. From LAN wiring to system troubleshooting  to software/hardware development , let us be your R&D team.


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