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The architecture of the VistaMAX® system utilizes highly integrated single box base stations (BS) and subscriber stations (SS) as the network elements. VistaMAX® products are currently available for 1.9, 3.5, 3.65 and 5 GHz.

Vecima offers the world leading NON-LINE-OF-SIGHT (NLOS) broadband products developed by WaveRider. Whether you're building a wireless broadband network to serve an entire community,  or serving just a few subscribers, or expanding your existing networks, WaveRider has a cost-effective wireless system that can help you meet your business objectives.

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EION's Broadband Wireless portfolio delivers last-mile wireless LTE and WiMAX solutions for enterprises, service providers, defense agencies, security agencies, and remote communities. A wide range of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio systems, coupled with robust and scalable broadband gateways enable multiple applications to be supported and deployed. 

EION's combination of carrier class IP experience, wireless networking skills, and security expertise bring highly reliable and secure communications solutions to its clients. From isolated and inaccessible villages to congested and challenging urban environments, EION builds the equipment and designs the solutions that make it all possible - a powerful combination of wireless broadband and scalable wireless communications systems.

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Ruckus Wireless invented and patented Smart Wi-Fi technology - advanced RF routing technology. Smart Wi-Fi, for the first time, brings range and reliability to WLAN environments through the use of a software-controlled antenna system.

Smart Wi-Fi leverages an intelligent, high-gain directional antenna system to enable Wi-Fi signals to be formed, focused and directed over the best performing paths at any given time. Completely adaptive, Smart Wi-Fi technology is unique to Ruckus Wireless and integrated into every system to extend signal range and reliability.

Smart Wi-Fi technology steers signals around interference, obstructions and obstacles to ensure the unprecedented coverage and consistent performance at range. Its flagship product line, ZoneFlex, represents the next generation of centralized WLAN systems.

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As service providers and enterprises scale their wireless access networks to enable powerful new applications and services, many existing backhaul solutions are rapidly becoming a major bottleneck. DragonWave packet microwave and packet convergence backhaul solutions hold the key to unleashing true broadband with the capacity, flexibility and cost efficiency needed for a smooth evolution to high capacity packet networks.

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